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Raymond Solano, DC, CCSP

What To Expect

Expert Evaluation: Your initial appointment consists of a detailed evaluation to gather information about your current and past medical history, perform a physical exam, and review any diagnostic imaging tests. Your physical exam may include a postural assessment, gait analysis, bio-mechanical assessment, neuromuscular evaluation, muscle strength testing, and joint mobility testing. New patient visits generally last 45-60 minutes.

For your first visit, please dress in work out attire (i.e. shorts, sweat pants, loose fitting shirt). If you are female and have a neck, upper back, or shoulder complaint, it is best to wear a sports bra or something which will allow the doctor access to your area of concern. If you are being seen for a leg or hip condition, please wear or bring shorts for your treatment.

Tailored Treatment Plan: Based on the results of your comprehensive exam, Dr. Solano will recommend a unique treatment plan designed to eliminate symptoms and restore function and mobility to your joints and soft tissues. To allow for a natural transition toward independence, the patient will assume an active role in their treatment by participating in an individualized home exercise program. This comprehensive approach not only allows for faster resolution of pain, but provides the patient with long-term benefits, not just symptomatic relief.

Quality Time Spent with Doctor: Our doctors value the time you devote to your personal wellness, and your time and schedule are important. We place a high priority on individualized, timely, and elite care. We are with you each step of the way, from the initial evaluation to performing your treatment and rehab so that you are able to stay active in doing the things you love.

We Expect Results: If we do not achieve noticeable results within the beginning stages of care, we will promptly refer you to the appropriate provider.